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About Me

About Gourmandelle started more than 5 years ago, as a vegetarian food blog. It coincided with the time I decided to adopt a healthy diet and change my lifestyle. The idea behind the blog was to show people how easy it is to eat better, healthier and cook vegetarian meals from scratch. Today, it is so much more than just a blog.

On, you’ll  find healthy dishes that take advantage of seasonal veggies and fruits and are extremely easy to make. Not only will you find plenty of recipes for your regular meals, but also a great collection of sweet-yet wholesome desserts and snacks. Many of the recipes are also allergy-friendly and catered to people with food intolerances.

Those with special diets such as Low FODMAP, gluten-free, macrobiotic, lactose-free, and more, can find delicious vegetarian recipes adapted to their needs and even personalized meal plans!

On my website, you’ll find many popular meat-based recipes made vegan. I love “veganizing” meat-based recipes and making them cruelty-free and healthy. No matter what your reason was for adopting a plant-based diet or even for eating less meat, be it ethical or health-based, congratulations! Every small step towards a healthier, cruelty-free and environmental-friendly diet counts. Hope the recipes on my blog will inspire you to cook more and more plant-based meals. 🙂

Who’s behind this blog?

I am Ruxandra Micu, the owner of I’m a 29 year old food blogger with extensive experience in online marketing and design. I’m passionate about cooking, nutrition, and helping businesses grow and aspiring to help people live a healthier life.

I want to help people, so if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me. 😉