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- Easy & Affordable -

- Personalized Meal Plans -

- Workout Plans -

- No Restrictive Diet, No Food Forbidden -

Save time and money! No more planning meals and asking yourself "What's for dinner tonight?" Delicious recipes, budget-friendly grocery lists, video workout programs. No barbels, no equipment, no heavy lifting, just SIMPLE 20 minutes workout @home - do enough physical activity to stay healthy!


Gourmandelle Master Plan

  • 30 Days Personalized Meal Plan - printable/mobile-friendly PDF file (includes a healthy meal plan - customized to fit your exact needs: diet requirements, food allergies, food intolerances, preferences, and more - with great tasting recipes, food guidelines, schedules, and tips and tricks)*
  • Grocery lists - printable/mobile-friendly PDF files for each week (budget-friendly ingredients)
  • Delicious & Easy Recipes (with detailed instructions)
  • 30 Days HIIT Workout Schemes (20 min effective workout @home)
  • Fully Personalized Weight-loss eBook (printable/mobile-friendly PDF file with detailed workout schemes, illustrations, explanations, personalized educational content, and more)

* You will receive a quiz after purchase, based on which your plan will be personalized according to your weight/height and age, allergies/intolerances (if any), food preferences (likes and dislikes), goals, and more. You will receive the personalized parts of your plan in max. 24 hours after the form completion. All other materials will be sent instantly after purchase. 

Why choose the PRO plan instead?

100% Customized Meal Plan - Have allergies? A specific diet? We'll personalize your plan to match your preferences (by diet; by goal; by allergies; by likes and dislikes).

Personalized HIIT Workout PlanWork out @home for free! 20 minutes Short and Effective workout exercises with step by step videos. 

Personalized Yoga Plan - Created for beginners. Increase your flexibility and relax with step by step videos.

9 Different Diets (Meal Types) - Vegan? Gluten-free? Keto? Low FODMAP? Pick your diet and enjoy #stayhome recipes handpicked just for you. 

Responsive App - Browse your personal meal plan via our responsive iOS and Android compatible web app. 

Grocery List Included - Detailed grocery list to make shopping quick and painless. Perfect for #stayhome and order online.

Quick, easy, and delicious CHEF made recipes by a renowned food coach - If you like the recipes on, then you'll definitely like the meal plans too (healthy ingredients; easy instructions; nutritional info; editing options).

    Gourmandelle’s #stayhome #stayhealthy Personalised Meal Plans & Video Workout Plans represent the go-to solution during these uncertain times when we’re in #isolation. You need to keep your mind and body healthy, even if you’re not an active person. Gourmandelle has created simple and enjoyable plans which you can follow in the comfort of your home. Enjoy delicious food and don't withhold from anything and enjoy full flexibility with personalized workouts video plans for every fitness level, to do at home.

    Stay healthy without any restrictive dieting. No food is forbidden and you can eat as much as you want (your diet, your rhythm). Don't know what to cook anymore in #isolation? Gourmandelle Meal plans represent the perfect strategy to map out what you're going to eat and ensure that you #stayhealthy. You will never run out of meal ideas with this large collection of Chef tested recipes. The possibilities are endless! Take away the stress from meal planning and let your creativity and Gourmandelle's cooking experience guide you. Your 30 days long meal plan is right around the corner. We can bear the responsibility of what you’re going to eat next…Don’t stress, #stayhome #stayhealthy

    HIIT (High-intensity interval training) represents a cardiovascular exercise strategy alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less-intense recovery periods, which typically last under 20 minutes. HIIT workouts improve athletic capacity and condition, glucose metabolism, reduces significantly the fat mass of the whole body. Basically, you'll shed fat, define muscle, transform the look of your entire physique, and dramatically enhance your overall health! #stayhealthy @home

    We all know Yoga is an ancient practice that brings together the mind and the body. What better option during #isolation to fight depression? Decrease stress, relieve anxiety, improve sleep quality, and general quality of life.

    Vegan? Allergic to shellfish? Maybe you hate the taste of cilantro? No matter your dietary needs, worry no more! Pick your allergies and food preferences.

    Whether you want just a change in your life, or hand over to someone else the responsibility of your next meal, or you're just bored, or you want to continue your workouts and can't, or just want to keep your mind and body in a good shape, then Gourmandelle plans can definitely help you!
    Stick to the meal plan and workout plan and the results will follow. 

    - Eat healthy NOW! -

    - Lose weight NOW! - 

    - Stay fit NOW! - 

    - 100% Guaranteed Results! -







    The tracking process is quite simple. You just have to log in your progress each week on our Track your progress book.


    We award the best transformations with 1000$! If you want, you can send your transformation photos (before and after) at You can censor your face if you don’t want to be recognized. We'll announce the winners on our Instagram and Facebook accounts.